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A good mechanical ventilation system will remove cooking smells, condensation, allergens and other irritants. It will make your home a more pleasant, healthy and comfortable place to live ....

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Every commercial and industrial property needs effective and reliable ventilation. Insufficient fresh air can cause tiredness, fatigue and headaches, ....

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Air Tightness 

Air tightness (or air permeability) refers to the infiltration of cold air into a building and the escape of heated out of the building, through gaps, holes and cracks etc. ...

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EPC & 

The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rates the energy efficiency of a dwelling from A (very efficient) to G (inefficient). The Standard Assessment ....

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About us

Quality Products

We are committed to sourcing the most up to date, reliable and energy efficient mechanical ventilation units and insulated ducting systems currently available on the market.

Excellent Service

We aim to provide a fast, efficient and reliable service from initial enquiry through to completion and beyond. We don’t employ a dedicated sales team, but instead rely on referrals from satisfied customers in order to promote and grow our business.

Expert Advice

Our team is made up of mechanical ventilation engineers, air tightness testing technicians, acoustic testing technicians, building surveyors and building energy assessors. We can provide a full package of services tailored specifically to your requirements.

Air Tightness Testing

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Energy Performance Certificate  (EPC)

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