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Ventilation & Air Tightness

Ventilation & Air Tightness

Air tightness refers to the natural infiltration of cold air and the loss of heated air through gaps, holes, cracks etc. in a building’s fabric. In order to create the most comfortable living conditions it is necessary to design air tightness and ventilation strategies to work in harmony. 

Constructing an airtight dwelling without a system of controlled ventilation is neither comfortable nor healthy for the occupants. It is as equally impractical to install a mechanical ventilation system in a property with inadequate air tightness. You will effectively create an environment that is over ventilated and much more difficult and expensive to heat. 

At low levels of air leakage (typically 3 m³/ (hr*m²) @ 50 pa or less) heat recovery systems can offer significant reductions in overall energy use, offsetting heating demands by pre-warming incoming replacement air for the occupants of the dwelling. However, this can only be optimised if the best systems are to be installed, and only then if they are installed correctly. 

We can provide expert advice on all fundamental design factors to ensure the envelope of the building is made as airtight as possible. We can carry out visual site inspections or if necessary, undertake preliminary air tightness testing, to ensure the 'airtight' design is built correctly on site.  

IMPORTANT: To ensure client satisfaction and guarantee optimum energy efficiency Atlantic Air insist on implementing all practical measures to minimise air leakage. If you are not interested in achieving the desired level of air tightness we would advise you not install a heat recovery ventilation system

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