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Mechanical Extract Ventilation

Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV)

The MEV system incorporates a low energy, high efficiency fan unit which is ducted via multiple air inlets to each wet room in the house, where a ceiling valve acts as the point of extraction. The MEV unit is designed to operate continuously at low speed without occupant intervention. However various control options are available including switches/ sensors that can instruct the system to boost when required e.g. to remove cooking smells or condensation. Typical controls include humidistats, lighting circuits, shower circuits, motion (PIR) sensors, and manual boost switches.

This is a centralised extract system designed to ventilate your entire property without the need for individual extractor fans. Stale moist air is continuously extracted from the wet rooms (e.g. Kitchen, Bathroom etc.) and discharged to the outside via a single fan unit. The extraction of air within each of the wet rooms creates negative pressure within the property, causing fresh air to be drawn in via background ventilators e.g. trickle vents in the habitable rooms.

Installation Process

It is really only practical to install continuous Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV) in a new build or during a major refurbishment. We will supply, install and commission the MEV unit and associated ductwork at the first fix stage of the project. The MEV unit is typically mounted in the loft space, but it is small enough to be fitted with in ceiling void or cupboard if necessary. It is necessary to provide a 10mm gap at the bottom of all internal doors to allow the free passage of air through the property.

Benefits of a MEV system

  • Low-carbon ventilation strategy that complies with the Building Regulations and is SAP Appendix Q recognised.
  • Ultra-quiet and efficient ventilation unit. The latest technology in low-watt DC fans provides quiet operation, with reduced power consumption, operating costs and life cycle costs.
  • Low watt motors provide high performance extract ventilation (i.e. up to 98 l/s)
  • Low profile unit (i.e. 190mm deep) can be mounted in any orientation offering a flexible hassle free installation
  • ABS moulded case and lid provides added strength for a more robust unit.
  • Full 5 year manufactures warranty.

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