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Heat Recovery Ventilation

How do Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems work?

The warm, stale, moisture-laden air from all wet areas in your home e.g. bathrooms, wc's, kitchens and utility areas etc. is continuously extracted and filtered back through the heat recovery unit. This exhaust air passes through a heat exchanger where the heat energy is transferred to the incoming supply air but the two air streams can never mix. As a result you will have a continuous supply of fresh, filtered, tempered air to all habitable rooms in the home e.g. bedrooms, living rooms and dining areas etc.

What are the benefits of a Heat Recovery Ventilation System?

Heat recovery systems provide many benefits to a home:

  • Continuous supply of fresh, filtered, tempered air into the home
  • Reduces heating costs by recovering up to 95% of the heat extracted from the wet rooms
  • Balanced heat distribution throughout the dwelling
  • Creates a healthier living environment
  • Clinically proven to help allergy and asthma suffers
  • Prevents condensation and eliminates mould growth
  • Removes unwanted odours e.g. cooking smells
  • Extremely low power consumption
  • No longer require trickle vents in windows and intermittent extract fans in wet rooms

If you think your home could benefit with a Heat Recovery Ventilation system, contact the Atlantic Air team today here.

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