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Heat Recovery Services

Heat Recovery Services: Benefits of Heat Recovery Systems

You might be wondering what the benefits of heat recovery systems are and if you should have one installed in your home or company. Heat recovery can be incredibly beneficial as it helps you save on energy bills. Instead of simply replacing stale hot air with cold new air, the heat recovery system works by drawing the heat from the outgoing air and passing it to the incoming air. This reduces the work done by your heating system, thereby saving on energy usage.

But that’s not all. Before discussing more benefits of a heat recovery system, what is it exactly?

What is Heat Recovery Ventilation?

Heat recovery ventilation (HRV) is a controlled ventilation system that improves air quality by continuously replacing hot air with fresh colder air from outside without losing indoor heat. Since odours and contaminants are expelled with the stale hot air, the air always remains fresh for the inhabitants. This is as opposed to air conditioners and furnaces that only recycle the same air, reducing indoor air quality.

Still wondering if HRV is right for you? Below, we discuss three benefits you stand to gain from heat recovery system installation.

3 Benefits of Heat Recovery Systems 

1.  Helps You Save Energy and Money 
With an HRV, heat isn’t lost since it is transferred to incoming fresh air. In fact, it doesn’t generate heat at all. Generating heat consumes energy, which is why air conditioning and furnaces impact your electric bills tremendously. An HRV’s ultimate purpose is to recover heat from outgoing air, thereby minimizing the cost of heating cold incoming air. In the summer, it works in reverse; hotter outdoor air loses heat to outgoing cooler air, thereby retaining the indoor temperature. With an HRV installed, you will notice considerable savings on your energy bills.  

2. Optimizes Indoor air Quality 
Heat recovery ventilation allows inhabitants to obtain fresh air constantly, thereby maintaining good indoor air quality. The longer air is recycled in a closed building (such as with air conditioners), the more polluted it becomes. It even gets odorous. HVR helps eliminate impurities and protects your health by expelling stale air from the building. 

3. Eliminates Condensation 
Humidity and condensation are common issues among homeowners, which heat recovery systems can help combat. Humidity can lead to mould growth, which poses a threat to your health. If mould and mildew are growing on your office windows and walls, it’s a sign you need an HRV unit. Ensure you adjust the humidity control settings as the seasons change. In the summer, the humidity control should be at a higher setting than in colder months.