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Choosing the best System

Choosing the best Heat Recovery Ventilation System

As independent MVHR installers (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery), we are not contracted to any specific manufacturer or model. We are committed to sourcing the most up to date, energy efficient heat recovery ventilation system currently available on the market, one that is SAP Appendix Q listed and Energy Saving Trust best practice compliant. 

The MVHR unit

We recommend installing MVHR units with in-built cross counter-flow heat exchangers. The heat exchange efficiencies are much higher (up to 90%) and the operating costs are much lower (0.4 W/l/s) compared to that of cross-flow or rotary wheel heat exchangers. 

A cross counter-flow heat exchanger transfers heat from one air-stream to another. At its core is a stack of plastic plates, within which are a series of airflow channels. These channels are aligned precisely to ensure that heat from the extracted warm is transferred to the cooler incoming supply air. Unlike a rotary heat exchanger, a cross counter-flow heat exchanger does not exchange humidity and there is no risk of mixing the air-streams. It is typically used in buildings where hygienic standards require that both air streams are kept completely separate from one another.

This technology is designed to deal with large volumes of warm moist air, thus enabling us to position extract air valves directly over shower enclosures. By extracting steam at its most intense point we can dramatically reduce condensation levels whilst recover the highest possible temperature from the warm air before extraction to the outside.

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